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CGS investigators and trainees represent research skills and expertise in genome sciences, medical/clinical genetics, social sciences, nursing, bioethics, law, and public health. The CGS brings these individuals together in interdisciplinary teams to conduct policy-relevant research focused around four critical issues raised by large-scale genomic research:

(1) The implications of genetic information for individuals, families, or populations, particularly when genetic findings from large-scale research are ascribed to individuals by virtue of their membership in socially defined groups.

(2) New challenges to informed consent in response to shifting estimations of risk and benefit.

(3) Unique ELSI issues posed by new technologies, data collection and storage capacities and the regulation of the use of DNA samples, control of data, and dissemination of results.

(4) Translating genomic research findings into clinical or public health practice in the most efficient and judicious way.

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The Center for Genomics and Society is supported by the ELSI Research Program of the National Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institutes of Health, Grant Number P50HG004488.